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The 35th Regular General Assembly ( 2010.12.8)
   Chairman Tsuda Re-elected

The 35th Regular General Assembly was held at the Tokyo Green Palace in Kojimachi,Tokyo, and Mr. Tsuda was re-elected as Chairman during the officers election held for offices with exporing terms. In addition, FUJIFILM Graphic Systems Co. was newly appointed as an administrative agent, and we are honored to start off the new year under this new executive body.

The 94th Technical Study Group (2010.4.23)@

  In addition to topics such as LAMS setters and industrial inkjet printers, the "introduction of subsidies for the implementation of flexographic-related equipment", the key project for this year, entered its first phase with President Yukio Kanda of Consulting Office Co., Ltd. introducing the support of national funding.
3.  Topics & Presenters
  ‡@ "Research Committee: Our efforts to validate LAMS setter"
     Mr. Shinsuke Tajima (Kodak Co., Ltd.)
     Mr. Masaru Wakui (Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
     Mr. Tsuyoshi Munakata (EskoArtwork K.K. Inc. )
  ‡A "The present and future of industrial inkjet printers"
@@Mr. Kazuya Sugie (Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  ‡B "LED curing UV inks "
     Mr. Hiroshi Maruya (Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
  ‡C "Environmental efforts and the support of national funding"
     Mr. Yukio Kanda (Consulting Office Co., Ltd.)


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