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The 34th Regular General Assembly (Dec. 14, 2009)
   Gearing up for "Flexo Japan 2010"
   At the Tokyo Green Palace

  The 34th Regular General Assembly was held at the Tokyo Green Palace in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo on Dec. 14th.

  The meeting started at 3:00 pm, and the President of the Association, Mr. Tsuda, said in his greeting, "it was a very tough year for the printing and packing industries, However, I believe that we were able to promote activities for the development and diffusion of flexographic technologies, and were able to provide Newsletters and Technical Study Groups with abundant content. As a result, there has been increasing interest in Flexography as a whole and the number of participants in the Technical Study Groups has been steadily rising. The FY34 is also the year when we will hold Flexo Japan 2010, and will continue to actively promote activities to increase the awareness and dissemination of flexographic printing."

  President Tsuda was elected Chairman and proceedings started. The business and earnings reports of FY33, the business plan for FY34, and the business budget were approved as proposed.
  In FY34, the fifth "Flexo Japan 2010" will mean important business. The dates for the forum have been determined to be October 21-22, 2010, so we will start with the preparations for this.
  In order to boost the dissemination of flexographic printing technologies, we will conduct research from new perspectives, and promote the sharing of information for active PR and new market development activities. Furthermore, in FY34, we are planning to establish a committee to look into various kinds of subsidies to aide in the implementation of flexographic-related equipment.

Information Exchange Meetings
  After the regular meeting, FTAJ Research Committee member Mr. Hiroshi Nakagoshi (Asahi Kasei E-Materials Corp.) conducted a presentation on "Towards a high-quality film printing (LAMS setter validation)". This presentation was to verify how each of the software and the CTP would contribute to the quality improvement in film printing. With the cooperation of three different manufacturers, it was the first attempt in the research of ink, plate materials, and printing presses under the same conditions, using the latest software.

  Also, a special guest lecturer, Mr. Yasuaki Hagai from HAVI Global Solutions Corp., a company that is involved with McDonald's packaging, explained the advantages of flexographic printing as seen from brand name manufacturers, enthusiastically speaking about being consumer-oriented and flexographic printing technologies and his desires towards the printing industry.

The 94th Technical Study Group (April 23, 2010)@

  In addition to topics such as LAMS setters and industrial inkjet printers, the "introduction of subsidies for the implementation of flexographic-related equipment", the key project for this year, entered its first phase with President Yukio Kanda of Consulting Office Co., Ltd. introducing the support of national funding.
3.  Topics & Presenters
  ‡@ "Research Committee: Our efforts to validate LAMS setter"
     Mr. Shinsuke Tajima (Kodak Co., Ltd.)
     Mr. Masaru Wakui (Dainippon Screen Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
     Mr. Tsuyoshi Munakata (EskoArtwork K.K. Inc. )
  ‡A "The present and future of industrial inkjet printers"
@@Mr. Kazuya Sugie (Mimaki Engineering Co., Ltd.)
  ‡B "LED curing UV inks "
     Mr. Hiroshi Maruya (Toyo Ink Mfg. Co., Ltd.)
  ‡C "Environmental efforts and the support of national funding"
     Mr. Yukio Kanda (Consulting Office Co., Ltd.)

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