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The 96th Technical Study Group(2011.6.3)
Location: Tokyo Green Palace

Lecture 1: Cool Life: Solar reflective coating materials which help save energy
Lecturer: Mr. Daisuke Iwamoto(Development Department, Gravure Inks Division, Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg. Co., Ltd.)

Mr, Iwamoto introduced the Cool Life DX developed by Dainichiseika Color & Chemicals Mfg.Co., Ltd. By applying this product to the roofs of office buildings or factories, over 90% of the radiant heat of the sun can be blockd. Since the hot summer heat can be avoided, indoor environments can be improved and energy consumption due to air-conditioning can be reduced. Data shows that the surface temperature of a roof during the hot summer months were lowered by 10 to 25, and it has been demonstrated that room temperatures can be lowered by as much as 4.

Lecture 2: The current state of LED-UV-illuminated instruments
Lecturer: Mr. Yoshiyuki Adachi(Manager, EPD Division, NK WORKS CO.)

Mr. Adachi described a plan to shift from the system of LED-UV-illuminated instruments and enter the printing industry. Support for flexographic printing was considered after comparing the running cost of UV lamps and LED-UV. With respect to flexographic printing, becoaus prospects for support of ink and print speed were deemed good, it was revealed that LED was also a target market.

Lecture 3: Kodak DigiCap NX Screening
Lecturer: Dr.Shinsuke Tajima(Director, Technical Support Department, Solutions Division, Kodak Co.j

Dr. Tajima described the technical details of the effects of the Kodak DigiCap NX Screening, which was developed using a different approach than conventional means to solve the perpetual challenge of gink transfer inefficiencyh existing in flexographic printing.

Lecture 4: Stream Master:Thermal fixation water-based ink printing system
Lecturer: Mr. Tatsuo Yoshida(Sales Department, Comtecs Co., Ltd.)

Mr. Yoshida introduced a proof system for flexible packaging using environmentally-frirndry water-based resin ink called gStream Masterh. He explained that this product can be utilized in a variety of business situations due to the lower initial cost when compared to UV printing, and has the ability to do front and lining printing on transparent materials using white ink.

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