The 96th Technical Study Groups (2011.6.3)

The 97th Technical Study Group (2011.10.13)
Location: Tokyo Green Palace

Lecture 1: gEnvironmentally-friendly flexographic prepress systemh
Lecturer:Mr.Tatsuya Kusunoki (Senior Engineer, New Business Group,Graphic Systems Division,FUJIFILM Corp.)

In order to mitigate the enviromental impacts in the field of flexographic printing, fujifilm has decided to introduce the Engraving Flexo CTP System in the Prepress process, which has the benefit of making the UV exposure, solvent development, and drying(evaporative drying)Processes unnecessary. Mr.Kusunoki reported that the engraving CTP method promoted by the company has an overwhelmingly fewer number of processes, because plate materials are finished using only laser engraving and simple sinse drying processes. It is also a 100% non-VOC prepress system using no organic solvents, thereby response to the different wavelengths of laser light. In addition, he mentioned that flexibility and sharp image formation were realized by applying their own proprietary polymer and curing technologies. Further, the innovative engraving technology proposed by Fujifilm, such as the revolutionary Marti channel exposure technorogy, which improves productivity by equally spacing optical fibers in an array, seemed promising.

Lecture 2: gNyloflex Next - A new exposure technologyh
Lecturer: Mr.Thomas (Asia Region Technology General Mnager, Flint Group)

Their newly developed exposure technology has the feature of accelerating polymerization using a new high-intensity UV exposure(UVA LED) and increasing the strength of the plate surface as well as not allowing time for oxygen inhibition to occur. This technorogy can also be incorporated into conventional digital prepress workfiow, and can be combined with screening technorogies or used in atandard digital plates. Also it is able to improve ink transfers and can increase fixing of the solid portions. Additionally, he introduced a new flrxo prepress automation system, the gNyloflex Automatic Chip Plate Processor(APP)h which boasts a productivity rate of a maximum of 120 plates(approx.320 sq.m./day) for 1320o~2032o plate sizes(0.7-7.0o thick).

Lecture 3: gIGAS2011 Report - Trends in prepress technologiesh
Lecturer: Mr.Kazuki Fujii (FTAJ Advisor)

Mr. Fujii presented proposals of 12 exhibitors from among the many flexo-related companies at the International Graphic Arts Show gIGAS2011h held at the Tokyo Big Sight during September 16-21, 2011. He explained that the current trend sees ganalog plates of conventional technology still being used for flexographic plate material; however, digitalization is advancing and a major portion of the upcoming technologies are digital processes. He also reported that since the digitalization mathods are diversifying with image media and exposure mathods, development of micro-scale plate surface treatment technologies, which obtains are producibility on par with offset and gravure, are advancing as wel.

Lecture 4: gIGAS2011 Report - Trends in printing technoloriesh
Lecturer: Mr. Takayuki Kamiya (FTAJ Advisor)

Mr. Kamiya reported on 17 companies comprising of printing machinery manufacturers as well as ink manufacturers. He explained that the trend in the ink industry sees gcompetition in awueos flexographic inks, with manufacturers specializing in special varnish also entering the market. Also, inks for LED has gained more attention in recent years.h He mentioned that git is possible to appeal the superiority of flexographic printing to designers, end users and converters who are focused on flexible packaging because of cost reductions, being environmentally-conscious, conserving energy, and realizing quality that is comparable to that of offseth and cited examples of peripheral equipments, such as proofers, anilox cleaning systems, and measuring instruments.

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